sensorBIM Implementation PlugIn for Revit

the Revit integration Plugin provides the possibility to integrate with multiple real RFID-Sensors and Sensors of other technologies implemented in and on different Buildings.

Façade System Interaction Lab - DSF on the left and SSF on the right

It consists of two parts:

1) the Family Object sensor.rfa
this is the sensor representation Object that can be placed multiple times within the digital twin according to the real positioning of the sensors on the building abroad. The connection is realized via the individual, unique Identifier that any sensor used is provided for by the sensorBIM gateway solutin via the Cloud management tool. 2) the plugin Software
that interconnects with the sensorBIM gateway solution using the unique guid of any implemented sensor representation object.

This document (in german) gives a short implementation guide. For more details call inndata

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sensor data gateway hub

The integration of the data visualisation into the REVIT plug-in is done via the website, the data retrieval and storage in the objects is possible with the REST API.

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sensorBIM Implementation PlugIn for Revit

Installation Guide of PlugIn and sensor representation object

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SensorBIM WP6– Test and prototyping

EURAC Research activities

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Interreg V-A Italien-Österreich 2014-2020:

Projekt ID ITAT1083 – SensorBIM, Ergebnis Projektbewertung

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Battery-less UHF RFID Controlled Transistor Switch

for Internet of Things Applications - A Feasibility Study

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Projektbericht FFG


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Energetischer Erntevorgang

10. Juni 2016:
Ein Tiroler Team arbeitet an einem neuen Funksystem, das mit batterielosen Sensoren kommuniziert.

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Funken ohne Batterie

13. April 2016:
Für ein energie­effizientes Smart Home arbei­tet ein Tiroler Projekt­team an einem inno­vativen Funk­system.

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Gelungener Projekt­start

09. September 2015:
Mit der Förderungs­zusage des Landes Tirol steht dem Projekt cryptoLink nichts mehr im Wege.

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